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Youth & Social Cohesion in UC Musazai Shareef and Zandani, Dera Ismail Khan

Funding Organization: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Project Period: March 2016 to October 2016

Project Overall Goal:

The Project aims at providing a comprehensive set of traditional and regular sports and recreational activities for engagement in positive activities to shun conflicts at family and community levels; giving space to peace building and development in the area.

P1020989Winners of Football Match

Specific Project Objectives:

  1. Curtail the menace of terrorism and violent extremism by promoting soft tools of conflict resolution to achieve durable piece
  2. Produce healthy brains through promoting healthy sports competitions and deny space for negative thinking
  3. Engage local community in traditional sports competitions to counter mental stress and frustration and bring social cohesion and harmony and mutual understanding to society
  4. Promote harmony and mutual understanding among various citizen groups

The project is evolving and establishes 03 sports leagues i.e. a) Cricket, b) Volleyball and c) Football. These leagues are permanently sustained and the sports committees at Community Center level organize and work with the sports leagues. At the time of start of the project activities, Zcomms mobilized youth for participation in sports leagues, conduct trials and form teams of each league. We understand that these leagues are able to produce four to five teams in each league and they could play jointly in case of participation in sports outside their UC.

 Winners of Drawing Competition          P1030448

Zcomms assists these teams for the first few months, build their capacity, and equip them with all required tools like uniform kits, sports gadgets, preparation of grounds, organizing teams, trials and other necessary steps. These steps are to lift the leagues to organized bodies and allow the local sports committees to collaborate and perform in the sports in organized manner.

dsc_0277 p1030817

Project Scope

Selected Sports for Men and Women Events
01 Cricket 04 Events
02 Volleyball 04 Events
03 Hockey 04 Events
04 Kabaddi 04 Events
05 Ainda (Wrestling) 04 Events
06 NezaBazi (Tilting) 04 Events
07 Football 02 Events
08 Badminton 04 Events
  Total Number of Events Thirty (30) Events


Highlights of the Football and Volleyball event Highlights of the event International Youth Day 2016


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