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Alienated Fata by Dr. Ashraf Ali

Dr. Ashraf Ali The political and judicial vacuum, coupled with bad governance and massive corruption in state institutions that resulted in creating a gap between the state and society, ultimately led to the people’s exclusion from the political process in today’s volatile tribal belt of Pakistan. This widening gap that …

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Economic Terrorism by Dr. Ashraf Ali

Dr. Ashraf Ali The roots of terrorism in South Asia can be traced back to 1979 when the Russian Red Army invaded Afghanistan as part of its expansionist designs to become the sole proprietor of the world. The socio-economic and political institutions of Afghanistan were undermined by the occupying forces …

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Celebrating independence by Dr. Ashraf Ali

Dr. Ashraf Ali The stage was all set for a flag-hoisting ceremony at the Ganda Singh Pak-India border in district Kasur to mark our 68th Independence Day. Madam Noor Jehan’s voice was infusing the spirit of patriotism among the audience who were applauding the enthusiastic and energetic Rangers parading on …

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Killing Terrorism Softly by Dr. Ashraf Ali

Dr. Ashraf Ali The crushing defeat of the Pakistan Hockey Team at the World Hockey League qualifying round for the upcoming Olympic games in Brazil to be held in July 2016 prompted the patron in chief – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif – to intervene and ask for an immediate report. …

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Afghanistan after Mullah Omar by Dr. Ashraf Ali

Dr. Ashraf Ali Mullah Akhtar Mansur would have hardly thought of being the ‘Ameer ul Momineen’ in the towering presence of his charismatic leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid. His utter love and respect for his leader was manifested in his flat ‘no’ when we asked for a TV interview at …

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